1-    Where are your articles manufactured ?

All of our pieces are manufactured in french workshops using high level know-how. This way, we benefit from a unique know-how while staying close to our partners which gives us a better control over the quality of our creations.


2-    Where are created your fabrics ?

Our shirting fabrics come exclusively from swiss and italian manufacturers recognized for their very high quality standards. The silk for our ties and bow ties comes from one of the most prestigious weavers of Europe.


3-    How do you design your collections ?

All the pattern for our ties and bow ties are designed by Reda exclusively for our collection . For every pattern, multiples sketches were necessary in order to make successive adjustments assuring the balance and originality of each creation. The same process was used to draw the cuffs and collars of our shirts, giving them a unique personality.


4-    How to choose the right size for my shirt ?

Please click here to find a detailed size guide enabling you to choose the size that will fit you best. Please note that our shirt sleeves are slightly longer than usual. We made the choice to provide you more fabric to make sure that shirts sleeves are always around 2cm visible below the jacket sleeves. It is very difficult to buy a ready to wear shirt that will fit you perfectly without any alteration. and many men finally get shirts with sleeves that are not long enough, thing that can’t be corrected with an alteration. 


5-    How do I care my shirts ?

The fabrics our shirts are very delicate fabrics. They should be cared with attention to protect their quality on the long run. Ideally, they should be washed by hand et avoid any washing machine. However, a washing machine can be suitable if certain conditions are respected : no more than 40° for the temperature of the water and never use aggressive products. Also, if you wash a shirt having French cuffs, do not hesitate to unfold them (fold them for a classic cuff) in order to protect the edge of the buttons. The same advice applies for the edge of the collar.


6-    I lost one or more buttons from my shirt, how can I replace this ?

With your shirt you will find a supplementary button that you can use to replace a lost button. If you need to replace more than one button, please contact us by mail to request the shipping of the needed buttons.



1-   I did not receive my confirmation email after the payment.

The confirmation email can take several minutes before appearing in your inbox. If you still don’t see any email after several minutes, please check out your junk or spam folder before contacting us via email. To make sure that you always get our emails, please add the address service@redaslaoui.com to your white list.


2-    How long will it take to receive my order ?

The shipping of your order is done maximum 48h after your payment. In Europe, it usually takes up to two business days to complete the delivery. For an international shipping, 3 to 5 business days might be necessary depending on the destination and the possible custom procedures. An estimation of the delivery date and a tracking number will always be communicated in the email that will be sent to you after the shipping of the order.


3-    How can I return my article if I am not satisfied ?

If the article you ordered finally does not satisfy you, you have 14 days to return it from the moment the delivrey is completed. To do so, just email us using the contact form and we will give you all the instructions necessary for a fast return.


4-    How long does it take to get the full reimbursment of my returned article ?

Once we get your returned article and once it is verified, the reimbursment will appear on your bank account after 10 business days at most. An email we be sent to you once the bank wire is done.


5-    My article was damaged when I received it, how can I get it exchanged ?

Unpredictable events beyond our control can occur and cause damage to the packages. If you notice that your gift box or product is damaged, thank you to let us know by mailing us at service@redaslaoui.com. We will take care of shipping a new item as soon as possible.




1-    Is the online payment fully secure on your website ?

The payment procedure is done on a secured platform of our bank, CIC, or via a secured PayPal platform. This offers an optimal protection for your data. This information will never be stocked directly in our database. 


2-    What kind of personal data do you keep ? 

We only keep the information that you communicate when you create an account on our website and that are only used for the good progress of the order and shipping. You can access these elements in your personal account, change or delete them.




1-    I lost my password, how can I get it back ?

Go the page www.redaslaoui.com/login and click on the « lost password » button. You will be invited to enter the email address you used for your registration. Then you will receive a link via email to reset your password.


2-    I want to change my billing/shipping adresses, how can I do this ?

You can connect to your personnal account, then click the tab “my contact details” which will display the billing and shipping addresses that you can change at any moment. You can also change them during the process of an order.


3-    I lost my ID (email) and my password. 

If you do not remember the email used for your registration, there is no automatic procedure to get it back. Contact us via email to service@redaslaoui.com to give us all the elements that could help identify your account (the ones you entered during the registration, name, surname, birth date, etc.). We will contact you back as soon as possible with the instructions for retrieving your account.